Let’s Decode The Technical SEO Mistakes Capable Of Killing Your Traffic

You are doing absolutely perfect with the help of the top SEO company in Sydney, yet there is no increase in the organic traffic. Chances are that there are certain technical mistakes which needs to be addressed at the earliest.

How SEO Company In Paris Revamp Content To Increase Organic Traffic?

Here are the technical SEO mistakes which can kill the traffic:

  • Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content can bring death for the organic search traffic instantaneously. Google penalizes the website for showing signs of plagiarism. The affordable SEO company Melbourne makes sure that the content on the website is unique.

  • Website Speed And User Experience

If the website is stunning and has enriching content, but it takes minutes for the page to load, chances are that 40% of the users will bounce back. This is the reason the companies offering best SEO services in Adelaide ensure to audit the current speed of the website as well as its performance. The images are usually scaled and compressed to increase the speed of the website.

  • Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of the internet traffic these days is generated through mobiles. Thus, it has become essential for a website to be mobile friendly in order to prevent losing considerable traffic. A number of changes may be done to configure the website for use through mobiles and make it mobile friendly.

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