Methods For Removing A Page From Google

The website owners these days are eager for Google for the purpose of indexing the websites. However, there also lies situations where you don’t indexation of the content on the website by Google. Perhaps, the reason can be that the content was for some internal use only.

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Thus, removing such pages becomes of vital importance. We tell you about the different methods adopted by the best SEO company Philadelphia for removing a page from Google.

  • Google Search Console

This is a free tool which can be easily activated and used. By utilizing the Google Search Console, one can select a page which is to be removed from Google’s index. The tool takes nearly 48 hours for removing a page. The users also have the option to cancel the removal request in the Google Search Console.

  • Hiding The Page Behind The Login

Google cannot index certain pages which require login for being accessed. Hence, a sure-fire strategy adopted by companies providing best SEO services Seattle is to hide certain pages which one does not wish to get indexed, using a password. The login is always used for personal as well as financial data which requires protection.

  • Remove Content, Not The URL

Another strategy used by consultants providing professional Atlanta SEO services is to refresh the Google’s cache of the content. Once the content is updated, Google will re-index the content and remove the cache.

  • Page Deletion

Another strategy is deleting the web page from the server. This will give status code like 410 or 404 which makes Google remove the page from the index.

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