Metrics Which Can Help In Avoiding Confusion In The Google Analytics

As we all know that Google Analytics is a free and insightful tool which can be of great help to the business owners. Google Analytics has more than 50 reports and metrics, making it quite difficult for the users to ascertain which ones to focus on and which ones to leave. Here are certain important metrics which must be focused for generating more traffic:

Benefits of Having An Affordable SEO Company in Thailand

  • User Demographics

The best SEO company in Paris make use of this report as it helps in learning about the visitors which in turn helps in ensuring that the products as well as information is relevant to the visitor bracket and interests them. Thus providing value based on what users are interested in is the best thing to do!

  • Popular Content

Paying attention to what kind of content is generating traffic is one of the effective strategies followed by best SEO agency Paris. They analyze the posts which receive great response and then tailor the content to meet the interest of the audience.

  • Google AMP

Companies offering top SEO Paris services believe that website must be mobile friendly considering the fact that a lot of searches are done on mobile devices only. AMP report which is nothing but Accelerated Mobile Project helps in identifying the areas for improvement in order to enhance the mobile experience of the users.

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