Mobile Search Results Start Displaying Google AMP Top Stories

Google’s dream of offering a faster and improved web experience to mobile users is finally getting fulfilled with AMP becoming live on mobile search pages. Although some people were able to witness AMP top stories early on 23rd Feb 2016, Google launched the news carousel for the masses on 24th Feb 2016. So, mobile users now longer need to rely on the mobile demo site that had been made available by the company for quite some time to see the AMP pages in search results.

Despite the fast pace of increase in mobile web reach, comparatively little progress has been made in terms of making the experience more engaging. In fact, it has been observed that people spend only 5%of their mobile media time for web browsing. This is because a large percentage of mobile users prefer to use the apps over visiting the organization website using their device as it offers them a more clutter free, faster and convenient user experience. The long-page loading speeds combined with low quality ads and risk of malware, make mobile users wary of surfing the internet using even their latest devices.

But with AMP all this might soon change as the technology helps in loading the pages much faster to enable deeper engagement with the sponsored clients. It is designed to work well and prevent bad ad experiences which are a primary cause of slower user experience in most cases of mobile web search. The technology is being developed to address problems that tend to alienate mobile users from web surfing. It minimizes the chances of the users worrying about their mobile data being wasted by excessive, intrusive, unwanted or irrelevant ads.

The open source technology, which was announced in October 2015 by Google, has been received with great enthusiasm globally. The aim of AMP is to boost the speed of page loading and stream line ads through open technical standards. It is not only flexible and responsive but also enables users to built complete sites. It will hopefully help in the creation of an ecosystem that ensures a faster, more engaging mobile web for the benefit of everyone.

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According to Google, more than 6000 developers from around 33 nations along with thousands of sites have already started contributing towards AMP.  It is being said that the open source project has received no less than 1,200 submissions and 46 releases, which has further enhanced its development speed. However, before it can attain the status of being a great platform, AMP still has to pass through a long evolution process.

The need for a better user experience has ensure that almost everyone associated with AMP, including web publishers, platforms and even ad tech companies, are hoping and praying for its success. This is one of the major reasons why the technology has been kept open source as it improves the chances of success and also helps in the integration of better features and functionality by experts from across the globe. It is also being speculated that the success of AMP across mobile devices might also lead Google to integrate the technology with online search results for overall improving user web experience.

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