Search For Beginners- Here’s The New Video Series From Google

Google has recently launched its new series, named ‘Search for Beginners’ to help the budding webmasters. The series can be considered as a Bible for anyone who intends to learn about Web and wishes to manage the online presence.

This series is of much interest to both the budding webmasters who have just begun their journey on the web and are taking baby steps in the learning process and the seasoned webmasters who need content for explaining certain concepts of online presence management to their clients and stakeholders.

The topic selection for the episodes is done on the basis of the frequently asked questions at popular forms, events and social media platforms around the world.

Sail The Boat Of Online Business With Ease

The ‘Search for Beginners’ covers each and every topic related to online presence, including, ‘Do you need a website?’, ‘How does Google Search work?’, ‘What are the goals for your website?’, ‘How to change description line?’, to name a few. The videos showcase a great version of animation. The videos are in English, however, subtitles are available is as many as 8 languages.

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