SEO Is More Than Just Keywords-Here’s Why!

There was a time that all the major search engines make use keywords for sharing information with the users. With the advent of Panda update, keywords are no longer topping the totem pole and other factors have come to play. Here are the reasons poured in by the best SEO company in New York as to why SEO is more than just keywords. Read further:

  • Quality

The Search Engine Optimization company New York believes that dense keywords are a passé. Google has listed down the quality guidelines and each and every website has to follow those while crafting their content.

  • Mobile Friendly

The best SEO strategy, according to the professional SEO services New York company is to optimize the website on mobile devices for increasing the bounce rate. With a number of web hosting platforms, one can easily create the mobile friendly website.

  • Watch The Speed

As per the research, nearly 40% of the users will leave any website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. There are a number of tools available on the web which tells about the website speed and suggest ways to improve upon the speed.

  • User Engagement

User engagement and user experience matters a lot when it comes to the ranking of the website. To check the user engagement, metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rates, time spend on the website and bounce rates are measured. Working on these parameters help to optimize the website.

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