SEO Myths Capable Of Killing Your Rank In 2020

Faster! Higher! That’s all we want to hear when it comes to rank and traffic on the website. But, there are certain SEO myths which are likely to wipe out your ranks in 2020. So, hire affordable SEO services Manchester and adjust your strategies and act naturally when it comes to SEO.

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Here are the killing myths:

  • Better to Have Links Than Content

There was a time when this statement used to hold true. But, not anymore! That time the companies offering best SEO services in London used to focus on link building, but later shifted to natural links and good content.

  • Social Platforms Have No Value

The firms offering affordable SEO services Liverpool make their client build their social media presence on different social media portals. These account do not have an impact on ranking, but, they have positive influence on users and readers.

  • SEO Is All About Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is not the crucial, but an important SEO element. Google is optimizing the pages. Hence, use of one keyword for a longer duration may deplete the rankings. You may even be penalized by Google for keyword stuffing.

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