SEO Optimization Through HTML – Key Elements To Consider

The popularity of HTML as the preferred language used by web developers for creating web pages is well-known. However, most people are unaware of the fact that some HTML elements might be responsible for enhancing the rankings of a webpage.  This is because the search engines can use these elements to pick up ranking signals from these elements. It can therefore prove extremely beneficial for the SEO professionals to know about these key elements, which are described in brief as follows.


The Title Tag

HTML title tags play an important role in giving a unique identity to the webpage. Using an appropriate title tag helps the search engines to understand the generic content of the page. In fact, title tags are amongst the most important HTML signals used by search engines for assigning page rankings. That is why it is important for the web developers to ensure that they craft unique and descriptive titles for each web page so that search engines can easily single them out for indexing. Using bad titles or titles that are not descriptive enough, can lead the search engines are likely to reject them or even change them.

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The Meta Description Tag

The meta description tags enable the web developers to suggest an appropriate description for the web pages in search listings. It is the oldest supported HTML tag and is often referred to as a summarized description of the page content. Although most SEO professionals believe that the meta description tag is not a “ranking factor”, it can play a key role in recommending a web page to a user. In fact search engines tend to prefer web pages having a meta-description featuring the focus keywords in bold. Hence, using a good meta-description greatly increases the odds of a webpage getting noticed by Search engines and users.

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Structured Data

Structured data can prove helpful in enabling the search engines to understand the contents and structure of a page in their own language.  Structured data is the specific markup used by websites behind the scenes to make the webpage more comprehensible for search engines. It helps to translate the content and structure into a “rich snippet”, which is essentially a search listing presented to the users in a attractive and useful manner. The reviews/ ratings featuring eye-catching stars are the most common form of such rich snippets. Even though structured data is acknowledged as a direct ranking factor, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of a web page.

The Header Tags

Header tags are extremely important as they help in the identification of key sections within a web page. Thus it is not surprising that these tags have been extensively used by search engines to gain a clearer idea about the content of the page. Using the relevant keywords in these tags is an assured way of enhancing the chances of making the web page feature in the search results for those words. However, it is important for the web developers to put too much detail into these tags. This eliminates the basic purpose of providing a logical structure to the webpage. Moreover, it makes the content difficult to read and understand.

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