SEO Rated The ‘Least Popular Digital Marketing Channel’

Digital marketing channels are the whole talk right now, with SEO known to consistently top the list. Clutch recently did a survey of more than 500 digital promoters, with a rather amazing result when it comes to SEO. Only 44% of the company said SEO was used in their digital marketing strategy, that’s an amazing 56% of the company that does NOT spend on SEO in 2018. Instead of SEO, the company tends to spend more on social media (81%), their own website (78%) and e-mail (69%). According to Jeremy Greenberg from 97 Change, this is due to the fact that ‘people are sensitive when you have the capability to tell your product tale, whether it’s on social networking, your website, or e-mail. With other channels, there’s not as much capability to tell your story”.


In previous times 20 years SEO has considerably modified and become more complicated as the market has moved. Maybe the phrase itself is somewhat obsolete. But to say it doesn’t issue is to reduce the significance of search and charts — especially in mobile. The digital marketing channels are available for entrepreneurs to use individually or as part of an overall digital marketing campaign.


When developing a Digital Marketing Campaign for your company, you cannot depend only on only one source to produce all the outcomes you want. While each of these digital marketing channels has their strong points, they also have their weak points such as being unsuitable for certain audiences and business niche. The best way would be to depend on mixing this equipment and programs available and making use of what they have to provide that will help you reach your end goals.

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In the end, we all use a digital marketing strategy to increase our sales and revenue, the review verifies this once more. Digital marketing provides many possibilities and SEO is just one of them. In the end, we all have to determine the right growth strategy for our company, but I cannot think about SEO not being one of them. Yes, it requires some efforts and no, it won’t be easy, but definitely worth the time and effort!


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