SEO Smart Goals that You Should Consider

Realistic goal of SEO is no more a theory. You can achieve it by following the smart technique.

Smart stands for Specific, M stands for Measurable, A stands for Achievable, R stands for Realistic and T stands for Timelined. Let us know about them in details.

Specific Objective

You need to have a specific objective in making the goals outshine and give you better business goals. With specific objectives, you will have business development.

Measurable Goals

It is important that you can measure your SEO goals so that you know what exactly to be done to improve it the next time. Add SEO metrics, link-building metrics, real world metrics to measure the goals.

Achievable goals

You have to be aggressive in achieving a goal that is achievable. If it is fluff and you are trying hard, that won’t help. Consider SEO feasibility, situation and resources.


What is a goal that is not realistic? Ensure that your goal is realistic and you can see it happening. You need to ask questions such as “Can we do it?”, “Do we have enough resources that we can achieve the goal?” If these questions are answered in Yes, you can fulfill your SEO target very soon.

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You can’t take forever to fulfill a dream or a goal. It has to be time specific and set for a short period of time. You need to know by when you want to see the result.

It is not necessary that your smart goals are complicated. They can be as simple as ABC. However, how you implement and get your work done will show the actual result. Most SEO specialists across the globe are using the SMART goals techniques and have shown results. It is your turn to apply these SMART techniques and bring about the desired result for your client’s website.



If you have not tried them yet, you should start immediately so that you see the result and be on top sooner than later. Everyone is on the hunt of getting results in terms of ranking on Google. That should not be the only goal. Your goal should also be to improve the business of the clients and monetize in an anticipated timeframe. When there is a goal without a deadline that can never be profitable to you and your clients. What is your choice? Make the smart move rather than the hard move?

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