‘SEO Snippets’ – A Video Series By Google To Help SEOs And Webmasters

Google has always helped the webmasters and SEO experts with tremendous amount of resources so that they can understand their website and improve its performance as well as enhance the user experience. There is a whole list of platforms  one can take help from when it comes to understanding the User traffic on your website such as SEO Starter Guide, Blogs, Help Center etc.

In addition to all these wonderful resources, Google has now come up with a video series on their youtube channel, “Google Webmasters” which explains the various facets of Search Engine Optimisation thereby helping the webmasters and SEO experts understand a great deal about how they could improve the performance of their website.

The name of the series is ‘SEO Snippets’ and it would answer one of the most frequently asked questions by the webmasters including “404 errors, how and when crawling works, a site’s URL structure [and] duplicate content.” The series have 6 videos as of now. The Webmasters Trend Analyst, John Mueller would cover more topics including the questions that are most frequently asked in their Webmaster Help Forum.

So if you want your question to be answered by the expert himself, take on to the forum and post your question.

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