SEO Trends For 2020 And Beyond

Digital marketing being the multi-channel marketing has given way to different approached in this marketing age. With great innovation accelerating every day, many organisations are having a hard time in keeping up the pace.

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Here are SEO trends which will rule 2020 and beyond:

  • Optimizing For SERP-SEO

Are you aware with zero click results where Google itself provides an automatic answer to the query in an automated snippet form. For a broader number of queries, Google itself is auto-populating results. Since, nearly 62% of the Google results are zero-click results, the keywords are turning less profitable. This is the reason the top SEO company in Singapore are strategizing to appear on SERP-SEO in order to gain competitive edge.

  • Optimizing Voice Search

20% of the search queries are done using voice search. This is the reason, the best SEO Singapore companies are optimizing the content for voice search in order to make the content more conversational.

  • Chatbots

There will be an increased use of chatbots in 2020. The companies providing professional SEO services pricing Singapore are providing the benefit of chatbots to both small and big businesses.

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