SEO Trends That Surfaced In 2019

To avoid directing unrelated keyword search content to the users, every year Google SEO algorithm brings new additions. Some of the top trends that cropped up in 2019 are as under:

Why Hiring The Best SEO Company In Hong Kong Is A Good Decision?

  • Voice Searches

The traditional way of research has changed. Now a days, people rely more on voice researches to look for things or even local business. Thus, the best SEO company San Diego are now focusing on voice search optimization.

  • Google My Business Listing

To ensure local businesses being shown up in local searches, the best SEO San Diego comes in the form of providing the address and other contact details to ‘Google My Business Listings’.

  • Content

Penalties are being imposed by Google on websites for posting the same old content, which causes a loss in rankings. Ensure to fill the information gap in your content to get better rankings.

  • Influencer Marketing

Approaching an established website or a page to vouch for you when you are fresh in the SEO world is a great marketing strategy. They vouch by linking the websites to their page/website; thus increasing the page authority.

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