Social Media And Ranking In Search Results

SEO, three little letters that is hugely important to the success of your hotel. Search engine Optimization (SEO) involves increasing the number of visitors aimed at your website by guaranteeing it ranks as much as possible in search engine results for specific search terms. Many things impact your search rankings, but what part, if any, do social media play? Everyone knows the value of ranking number one for a keyword. But could social media be the one thing you are missing out on?

Social media and SEO: It’s complicated


In the past days, regarding the role of social media, Search engines have made contradictory statements in their ranking algorithm. On the one hand, they have mentioned that social media pages are listed in the same manner as other websites and that social links, therefore, count as links.


But on the other, they have mentioned that social analytics do not represent direct ranking factors. Over at Microsoft, the guys behind Bing have said that they too consider the power of social media profiles (e.g. Twitter user profile metrics) and refer to across numerous social platforms in their search engine.

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Strategies To Improve Your Google Ranking Through Social Media

Not all social media content can be listed, but you should know that Google has set algorithms that can potentially interpret the credibility, influence and the quality of the information. So, social media content can help you earn a higher ranking on ranking.

Boost Your Rankings With Branded Searches:

You can benefit when a social media user searches your business by your brand name along with a relevant keyword and key phrase. One fashion web page, FashionNova, has grown from nothing and a well-ranked website in the span of just one year using around 88,000 keywords. Studies have revealed that this web website was ahead in the game and rankings for one primary reason, and that was lower jump rate in comparison to other websites. FashionNova’s Instagram supporters total up to 6.3 million, and that following frequently looked up the brand name along with phrases like “Jeans.” So, after a point, it got noticed by Google. The search engine recognized that perhaps the webpage of that fashion business was good enough for the keyword “Jeans” as well. Thus, in a very short duration, the search rankings of the website went up.

So, social media will get you the desired results, but you might have to wait a while. It is undoubtedly not a dash but a gathering to the completing line of a high search ranking. Simple social media links can obviously not give you what you are looking for, but an overall social media presence can surely do the trick. Your brand’s network will attract more and more exposure since social media profiles and posts do matter in search rankings.

The key to using social media to help you rank higher in searches is to bring customers and click-throughs from your social media networks aimed at your website, and getting your posts reposted or blogged to generate backlinks to your site and social profiles.

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