The Must-Have Pages For An E-commerce Website

One thing that you must have noticed after visiting different websites belonging to different industries is that the structure of the websites remains the same. The navigation may vary in accordance with the ecommerce website design Los Angeles.

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We tell you the must-have pages for your website so that you hit the target audience in the right manner:

  • About Us

The ‘About Us’ Page is the most common page for each and every website. The page carries information such as the location of the office, details about the company and its founders. Through this page, visitors can gather key information about the company. In a number of ecommerce website design Dallas, the Contact page is also merged into this page.

  • Shop

For an e-commerce website, the URL for products and shop must make sense. For certain brands, the merchandise may or may not be the main function of the website. The ecommerce website design San Francisco should be such that the shop exists on the same domain as the website.

  • Services

For service-based websites, certain pages need to be dedicated to the services offered. The URL of the landing page of the services is often used for listing the website. It is important to have an industry-specific URL for the service page. This also gives an opportunity to add relevant keywords to the page.

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