Time To Bust The SEO Myths

SEO is an integral part of the digital world and optimizes the web pages in order to make them reach a higher rank in Google search results. Over the year, it was observed that a number of myths started hovering around the practice of Search Engine Optimization.

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To put an end to these myths and give a clarity to the web developers, Google launched a video series on YouTube, which was hosted by none other than, Martin Splitt.

Here are the key pointers of each episode:

  1. SEO Mythbusting 101

This was the 1st episode of the series, which garnered more than 23,000 views. This video talks about the basics of SEO and further about crawling and indexing. The language used is simple which makes it easier for people from diverse backgrounds to understand.

  1. Googlebot

The second video was on Googlebot and is fun to watch. It covered what Googlebot does, how it crawls and act like a mobile browser. It also covered how to detect Googlebot and the essential quality indicators for ranking.

  1. Microformats and Structured Data

In this video Martin Splitt, dived into the subject of ‘new microformats’ and gave an introduction of structured data and an overview of supported structured data in Google Search.

  1. JavaScript

This episode talks about the issues of JavaScript in the context of SEO and the related misconceptions. It also talks about the user benefits which derives from JavaScript SEO implementation.


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