Timeline Of 2018: A Quick Look

This is an article that talks about how 2018 will look if we take a look from 2019. 2018 looks like a promising year from search perspective. There are about to be developments that will change the way search will look in a couple of years. For the upcoming development that is going to happen in future, 2018 will be the stepping stone. You can expect some of the developments in this year. Let us have a sneak peek into the year and foretell what may be in store.

Mobile First Index Rolls Out


This is in pipeline and we can expect this to revolutionize the world. Mobile versions of any website create problems. Despite several algorithms and technologies used, there has been no change; however, it seems as though mobile first index will make it impactful by making mobile and website version the same.

SEO And Its Uses

Voice First Devices


More voice search devices are likely to be launched that can give a new way search has been taking place. With so much ease, you can search anything and save time without typing.

SEO – The Use of Data Appropriately

Machine Learning


Manual learning has been in practice since time immortal. With Artificial Intelligence or AI, learning is taking some new turn where human efforts won’t be required. With this, machine learning is going to be more in use than the usual way of learning and teaching.

Backlinks May Lose Ground


We know that backlinks have been greatly in use to rank a website well on Google. This may change in the coming years. Backlinks will no longer be the main ground of Google ranking.

If these are the changes taking place, you can try doing a few things now so that you are not stuck to cope with the changes.

  • Follow instructions by Google as much as possible and stay on track
  • Follow news and stay up to date about the development industry
  • Change your strategies whenever you feel there is a need
  • Take time to adjust with the new changes

Every year, the SEO world is seeing a sea of change and 2018 may not be any different. Try and inculcate the steps to stay n track and never miss a think so that your future in the field of search is always ahead of the pack. Giving tough competition is your forte and you must excel in that, no matter what comes your way.

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