Understanding The Importance Of Internal Linking For SEO And Its Best Practices

Internal links play an important role in ensuring an enhanced user experience through improved search engine optimization. It is one of the key aspects for building user friendly websites that are easy to navigate and explore. However, in order to exploit the full benefits of internal linking, it is important to first gain an understanding about the how it affects SEO. This makes it possible for the companies providing San Francisco SEO services to use this vital tool in the most effective manner.

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Factors Connecting Internal Linking And SEO

There are various ways in which internal linking affects SEO and in turn the overall user experience. The first thing to understand about them is that all internal links do not hold the same value in terms of SEO. In fact, only the links embedded within the boy of a page or a post are of any value for SEO. Links that appear in sidebars, footers or outside the body of a page do not affect the SEO of the website much.

While most internal links connect new pages to old pages in a website, the opposite practice proves more effective for enhanced SEO. Hence it is important for the professionals of an SEO company in San Francisco to review the internal links of their client website regularly and make the necessary changes. They should make sure that the new links are placed in old pages and point to newly created pages of the website.

It is also essential for the link builders to ensure that the internal links appear in natural manner within the page content. They should make sure that the links are not added just for the sake of adding them. Rather they should point to related pages and that too only if their placement makes sense for both the users and the search engines. Adding links unnecessarily can have a negative impact on the site SEO which most professionals want to avoid.

Finally, it is advisable to use keywords in the anchor text for internal links. This makes it easier for the search engines to identify the content being linked and naturally enhances the page rankings. However, the keywords used should not be too long or irrelevant as this can prove counterproductive.

Guidelines For Creating A Style Guide For SEO Content Writers

A Checklist Of Internal Linking Best Practices

Having learned about the various factors that connect internal links with SEO, it is time to consider the below given checklist of best practices that can help in maximizing their benefits.

  • Care should be taken about inserting no more than 6-7 internal links in each page of the website.
  • The no-follow tag should be used wisely to pass page rank from stronger pages to weaker ones.
  • Any broken internal links should be modified or removed immediately as they will have a bad impact on SEO.
  • It is advisable for the professionals offering SEO services in Dallas to link related pages together rather than the ones that have no related content.

As rule, it should be ensured that the pages that need to be ranked higher in search engines should have a greater number of internal links embedded within them.

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