Understanding The Use Of Google Search Console For Monitoring Structured Data

Structured data is an important tool used by Google for indexing web pages to improve site ranking and visibility. However, in order to get the best benefits of using structured data, it is important for the webmasters to implement and monitor this data in a proper and timely manner on their websites. Not surprisingly Google has been creating a wide range of solutions from time-to-time to help webmasters and web developer to implement and diagnose such data. In keeping with this trend, the search engine giant has recently released a new report that can help webmasters to monitor structured data in a more effective manner.


Unparsable Structured Data Report

This new report, named as unparsable structured data report, helps in aggregating any parsing issues in structured data. These issues may include syntax errors in structured data, which might prevent Google from identifying a specific type of feature.

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Every time, Google comes across any new issue related to structured data present on a website, Google Search Console sends an email to the website owners. This makes it easier for the webmasters to learn about any failed attempts by Google to parse newly added structured data to their website.


However, a similar report is not generated in case any existing issues become worse, whence the webmasters need to log in to the search console on a regular basis to check their account. In case of websites developed in defined cycles, logging in to the search console after every new change to the website helps the webmasters to learn about its overall performance. The webmasters can also use the Search control for a summarized report of all the errors and warnings.


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