Understanding The Various Ways In Which Google Helps Webmasters And Content Creators

Even though the advances in software and internet technology has made developing great websites a lot simpler, some people still consider it to be a complicated task. This is mainly due to the fact that creating truly successful websites is possible only through extreme hard work of the developers and web owners. In this context Google has been constantly known to come up with new methods and tools to help improve Google search to make it easier for the users to find the relevant content. Implementing these tools and methods enables the site owners to focus their efforts on ensuring the creation of such content for their target audiences.

In most cases, the website owners do not need to worry about how Google discovers, crawls and indexes the content they post on their website. However, in some cases, having an in-depth understanding of the technical details can prove extremely essential. In such cases it is only natural for the webmasters to seek help and guidance from Google about the reasons behind the possible technical glitches and the best ways to fix them. While Google employs a team of global experts to offer this help and guidance to the website owners. In this respect, Google Webmasters is the best place to start seeking help on all the support resources made available by the technology giant. These resources, several of which are available in no less than 40 different languages, include the following.

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  • Google Web Fundamentals: Offers technical information related to building a modern website using open web standards.
  • Google Search Developer Documentation: Provides the details about the strategies used by Google for crawling and indexing websites, including authoritative guidance on building sites optimized for Google Search.
  • Search Console Help Center: Offers details about the most effective ways to use Search Console and the best ways for website owners to understand the visualization of their sites by Google sees their site.
  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide: Offers comprehensive details about SEO basic and recommended best practices.
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines: Offers detailed information about the policies and practices that might result in the expulsion of a site from search results or other negative consequences related to search appearance.
  • Google Webmasters YouTube Channel

Google Webmasters Central Help Forums is another manner in which webmasters can seek technical help and guidance. These forums are available in 16 languages and are operated by dedicated members of community and top contributors, who invest their time and effort in answering any queries posted on the forums.

Google also offers a series of Online Webmasters Office Hours, which are available in six languages. People can seek answers to their queries related to website appearance in Google search results, by joining these groups. These groups are designed in online office hours format to enable people to enjoy the experience attending a technical conference or event without actually travelling to those venues.

In addition to all the above mentioned resources, Google makes sincere efforts to constantly update its How Search Works site. This ensures that people seeking relevant info to understand Google Search do not have to look too far.


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