Use of SWOT Analysis To Achieve Targeted SEO

“The best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google Search Results.”

Having a website with no concrete SEO strategy is like setting on a journey with no direction. It will take you to places but not necessarily your destination. It can be quite intimidating as to where to start your SEO strategy from. You are so likely to waste your time and effort on things that might not be working at all for you. So what should you do in order to save yourself all the wasted effort and have a directed SEO strategy.

It is like for as new a technology as SEO, you need to go old school. Yes, I am talking about SWOT analysis of your Website. This would not only help you optimize your website but also improve your SEO.

SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The first two are the factors internal to your business and the last two are governed typically by external source.

In order to use SWOT for SEO, let us take a fictional business – Allen’s Wineyard. Allen has a wordpress website and is truly a wine expert. He is serving users from his local store in Chicago, USA for 15 years now but the big  win would happen only if he will be able to sell it online.

The problem though is, Allen’s website does not show up in the local results. He has been creating a lot of good content for his website and post it on the weekly basis but still the competitors who enter the online market after him is doing far better than him. He is not able to make it on the front page of the search results even though his content is far better than his competitors. It seems that they are actively engaged in improving their SEO.

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So let’s start with the SWOT analysis:


  • Expert in the wine industry.
  • Expert Content.


  • The domain authority metrics is showing very low.
  • Site is not optimized properly.
  • There is no SEO plugin used or there is no technical optimization.
  • The rankings for primary commercial keywords is really poor.
  • The website is not showing in local results for local queries.
  • The analytics are not in place so the conversion is not getting improved.


  • To come up in the top five results of local searches.
  • To improve the rank of already posted content.
  • Continue publishing useful content.


  • The gap between you and your competitors is widening.
  • Competitors with far lesser experience are overtaking the website in Organic.

Now that you have laid down everything, what should be the plan of action? We need to start with the absolute necessities and then slowly work towards expanding the reach of the website. So the basics that needs to be covered on a priority are:

  • Install an SEO plugin immediately.
  • Optimize the website.
  • Identify technical SEO issues by using SEO tool and tending to them as soon as possible.
  • Start a local SEO campaign.
  • Continue to publish expert content.
  • Invest more and more  time in the SEO and content marketing strategy.

Once all the basics are in place, you could actually divert your time to improving your SEO and expanding the footfall on your website.

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