Useful Tips To Help Integrate Angular Framework With SEO Strategies For Best Benefits

Over the past several months, Angular framework has gained much popularity as a fantastic option for developing modular and user-friendly web apps. However, the one single drawback of using this framework is that it is not much compatible with SEO. Hence, the providers of even the best SEO Services New York often find it challenging to exploit the benefits of Angular framework, while also maintaining the high ranking and visibility of their client websites. However, in order to find the right solutions to this problem, it is important for the SEO professionals to first gain a better understanding of Angular framework.

Angular Framework – A Brief Overview

Angular is a java script based open sourced framework, which was developed by Google engineers in 2010. Initially, the framework was put to use by a select few web development professionals of Ecommerce Website Design Los Angeles. It provides dynamic functionality to extend HTML and ensures a better user-experience in terms of creating web applications. Being java script based, Angular framework loads data asynchronously to the browser besides being executed primarily on the client-side of the server. So, even though the platform proves extremely beneficial for enhancing user interaction and increasing conversion rates, its incompatibility with optimization strategies used by companies offering San Francisco SEO Services, can deeply impact organic search traffic for the website.

Attaining Success In On-Site SEO – Five Important Factors That Matter The Most

Understanding The SEO Problem

Understanding the exact way in which Angular framework is hostile towards SEO is the first step that professionals offering ecommerce website design Dallas services need to take for resolving the problem. In this context they need to consider the fact that the framework relies heavily on script to deliver content.  This makes it difficult for some search engine bots to see the content that is viewed by the users. Another major problem that makes it difficult for an Nashville Seo Services to optimize pages developed using Angular challenging is their slow loading speed. Given that page speed is a major ranking factor, apps developed using Angular having slow loading speeds tend to have lower rankings.


Tips For Handling Angular SEO Issues Effectively

Having gained a comprehensive understanding of the Angular framework and the reasons that make it incompatible with SEO, it is time to learn about some effective tips for overcoming the problem.

Make Use of Fetch As Google Feature

An SEO company in Washington DC that need to enhance the ranking of an Angular public app should consider running the Fetch As Google feature from Google Search Console for the pages that need to be indexed. This will not only help the SEO professionals to learn about what is accessible and inaccessible for Google bots besides helping them identify the areas that need some SEO work. This in turn can help them make the necessary changes to web pages to enhance their Googlebots visibility.

Prerendering Simple Apps

This is actually a simple step that can be taken by Philadelphia SEO services providers for simple Angular apps. This is because java script is rendered in a browser, while static HTML is saved and returned to the crawlers. The SEO professionals can take advantage of this fact to prerender simple apps that do not rely on any server for getting great SEO results. The SEO professionals should seek the most effective prerendering tool available online to enhance the overall effectiveness of this method.

Opt For Server Side Rendering

Another effective method that can be used by the best SEO company Los Angeles for getting the desired SEO results for an Angular app is to opt for server side rendering of the web pages. This essentially means that they would choose to run the Angular app on the backend. This will ensure that for every request made by users, the content is delivered in the DOM.  Despite enhancing the stress on the server, this method ensures improved performance on slower devices. This is because the first page will load at a relatively faster speed in comparison to when the speed that can be obtained with rendering the page on the client side.


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