Users Feedback to Build a Better Search Console

Listening is always a good exercise. It helps you to know many things rather than assume it or think that you are always right. We have been doing this exercise quite often now and it has given amazing results to us. The new Beta version of Search Console is now live and running. This new version has all the major updates we have received from our users so that it can be the best Search Console. The main changes in the Console is the design and this is as per the suggestions and feedback given by our users. The many changes in functionality would now be unfolded layer by layer in the months to come making it more robust. Let us look at the main channels through which we have used the feedbacks and are willing to accept any more to give you the best user experience ever.

  1. Top Contributors Help Forum

We have a help forum which keeps us connected with the Search Console users. They are in constant touch with the Google’s support team to make any changes that can keep the ball rolling. We have some top contributors in this forum who keep on giving us ideas which can make the process of search more robust ate each step. This is the best way to know what is expected out of us from a user stand point. The feedbacks are not always negative as they can help to make all the shortfalls be covered within due course of time.

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  1. Open to Feedback

We have a section on our page which says Open Feedback. This section helps us to know more about a topic in depth so that the intricacies can be discussed with the support team. The top requests that come in are focused more to know what is majorly wrong or missing in our Search Console. You can use the submit feedback button to send the message to us loud and clear. We have used more than 90 days of data in the search analytics and performance reports. But this gave us an eye opener that we should be using a larger data to know what is best from the user’s angle in the Search Console. We have decided to consider the data for 16 months and have been knowing that it is the right thing to incorporate in the betterment of the Console.

  1. Panel on Search Console

We have been doing exercises to help us understand things better. Last year there was as test conducted where a group of four hundred random users for Search Console were contacted to test the designs in every aspect of size. They took active part in almost all the designs and gave their valuable feedbacks and suggestions which made us work on the designs better. There were surveys, tests and interviews that gave such an outcome and we could build a better Search Console.

This is not done yet as the feedback we get is worked upon with all the tests. It may so be possible that the feedback is good but to implement it, we may need a lot of background work or tests. Also, when we are building the necessary changes, there may be some hiccups which may ask us to take a step back or change the entire setup. This was the case when we tested a new design that was suggested where the performance report was changed. It was to test on how to use the Filter and Compare functions to know how real the experience can be when using a high-fidelity prototype. It helped the users to test and interact freely with the user interface. It gave many new insights which are now in pipeline. All this suggests that feedbacks are good when you put a thought into it.

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