Violations And Search Engine Spam Penalties

A search engine penalty is a punitive action being taken against a website including in misleading or black hat SEO practices.

Google’s explanation of a “penalty” is some manual action taken against a website, compared to the computerized repercussion of an algorithm or quality strainer. Penalties can differ from as little as lowered rankings to as severe as completely blacklisting from the search engine’s index.

Over the past many years, a number of delusions have come forth about how the search engines operate. For an SEO fresher, this crops up ambiguity about what’s needed to operate successfully. A website will be penalized for violations that happen consistently like duplicated content, undesirable link-building, cloaking, backlink building to improper sites like casinos and producing hidden texts.


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So as a part of “search engine penalty“, we will show you the real story behind the misunderstandings and fact. To prevent possible violations and spam penalties, it would be best if you check out some of the things that you ought not to do.

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing. This is regarded as the most common and oldest spamming technique. Right, search engines are demanding you to add appropriate keywords you can use for your web pages. But that doesn’t mean that you have to use those words like a hundred in a web page. Keyword stuffing can really cause you to be penalized.
  • Avoid Using Hidden Written Text. Most spammers are using this technique next to keyword stuffing. Hiding text that customers can’t see or blend them with the background of the page is a no-no. Search engines need to see everything that a human user can see or you’ll be punished when caught.
  • Avoid Thin And Shallow Site Content. This is one of the new guidelines which was regarded by Google lately. When “Panda” was rolled in Feb of 2011, they started to treat thin or shallow content same as an explicit spam technique. A content that has a lacking substance will also get a problem hit.
  • Avoid Cloaking. This is often identified as an innovative way of hiding text. In which search engines will be seeing a completely different edition of your web page that what customers can see. Seriously, search engines don’t like it and anyone caught doing it will get a heavy penalty. Even Google prohibited itself for cloaking because it is definitely against the SEO practices.
  • Avoid Link Spamming. Many are enticed to go different hyperlinks in forums and blog sites around. This is often and simplest way to spam. And you are obviously not doing SEO. All those links you keep will make users think that SEO is more of spamming which is far from the truth. For that reason, you are practical to face a problem on that.

If you’re a webmaster that is aiming for online success, it is very important for you to be well aware of all the potential violations and penalties that can take place and are associated with various SEO practices.  By not abiding by each search engine rule and regulation, your website and online life might be very short lived.

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