Webmaster Video Series In Hindi – Yet Another Initiative By Google To Enhance User Experience

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of Google is that it constantly tries to improve its products and services for enhanced user convenience.  This enables the website owners and webmasters to gain a better understanding of their website and improve its performance across search engines. In keeping with this objective, Google also offers a variety of tools and resources to its users from time to time. These resources are made available in multiple languages to cover a truly global audience base.  The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide, the Help Center and the Webmaster Forums and Webmaster Blogs are just some examples of such resources provided by Google.


A recent addition to these resources is the video series named SEO Snippets. The SEO Snippets comprises of a series of short video series, in which the experts from Google provide answers to the most common SEO queries from webmasters and website owners. Most of these questions feature regularly on the Webmaster Central Help Forum. The queries cover topics ranging from 404 errors to how and when crawling can prove beneficial and the duplication of content to the structure of a site’s URL. In addition, the videos also share useful links that the webmasters can refer to for gaining more information.

Now Google has gone a step further and launched a similar video series in Hindi, which has aptly been named SEO Snippets in Hindi. The basic concept and structure of the videos is the same as those featuring in the original SEO Snippets series, with the only difference being that the language being used is Hindi. These videos will offer information on topics such as choosing between Hindi and Hinglish  for creating content, advice about content duplication, and other such common queries received on the Hindi Webmaster Forum as well as the Hindi version of India Webmaster Community on Google +.

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This initiative by Google will go a long way in enhancing the reach and usability of Google resources amongst the Hindi speaking masses in India. It will enable them to get solutions to their queries in a language of their choice, minimizing any chances of information getting lost or misinterpreted in the translation process.  Given that the information will be provided in video format, it is also likely to prove more effective and easy to comprehend than any written text. This will in turn make it possible for the SEO professionals and website owners to use the information more efficiently for improving their websites and ensuring better visibility and ranking across search engine results.

Whether Google will be translating the existing videos of the original SEO Snippets series into Hindi or focusing on creating new ones based on the queries received on Webmaster Forum, is still not known. However, the IT tech community in general across India is welcoming this initiative by Google. Given that India is one of the major IT service providers for businesses from across the globe, many experts feel that it is only natural for Google to have taken this initiative. This is expected to further improve the quality of services being offered by the SEO professionals and webmasters.


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