What are long tail keywords?

The long tail keywords are said to be a significant aspect of keyword research and keyword strategy adopted by various SEO HK companies for their clients.

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As we all know that obtaining ranking for competitive keyword phrases is particularly difficult in case of newer websites which are yet to establish their search engine rankings. The long tail keywords are usually incorporated by SEO company HK for achieving higher rankings.

The long tail keywords are nothing but longer search queries which have low level of competition as well as search volume. Such keywords are more targeted ones allowing greater opportunities for rankings in SERPs. For instance, ‘shoes’ is a broad keyword, whereas ‘Red shoes for men’ is a long tail keyword that has lower search volume.

Another reason, the companies offering SEO services Hong Kong puts emphasis on long tail keywords is that these keywords have a higher conversion rate. This is because when the searchers make a targeted inquiry, the chances of landing at the right web page is higher and thus leading to conversion.