What Are The Key Indicators To See That Efforts Of The Best Atlanta SEO Company Are Bringing Results?

The companies offering affordable SEO services Seattle work with different types of clients. For some clients, traffic generation is just one side of the coin and look for other factors to understand whether the efforts of the best Atlanta SEO company are giving results or not. Here are such indicators:

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  • Better Rankings With Minor Keywords

If better ranking is achieved with use of minor keywords and targeted traffic is conquered, then the SEO efforts are working in positive.

  • Increase In Number Of Unique Keywords

The SEO company reports the number of unique keywords used for searching the website and if that number is accelerating, then the efforts are being paid off.

  • Increased Traffic From Different Search Engines

The server logs are checked to see how the website is performing in relation to search engines other than just Google. If there is a substantial increase in traffic, then it is a good sign.

  • Social Media Visibility

If the SEO company is able to increase the number of social media handles for their clients in an effective manner, then they are working on the right track.

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