What Can Go Against Article Writers And Publishers

With the emergence of new doors to creative writing and article writing, many sites have started either accepting articles from guest writers, anonymous writers or have hired writers to write for them. It is definitely one of the best ways to attract traffic. But little do these sites care about the fact if the writers are worth the opportunity.

Pros of such stunts

With such publicity and publications of articles in this manner, many websites have been benefitted as well as penalized.

  • More traffic are driven towards the writer’s main page or blog
  • You get more viewers and your website gets popular in a short span of time
  • You start earning better


Well, these writers do have other interests that make them publish the same article across many sites. This can have a severe consequence.

  • With the publication of similar articles on various platforms, Google might penalize the site and lower the site ranking
  • The writers hired might not be subject matter experts and writing a few articles might be a way to earning some extra pocket money. This may hamper the quality of the content and thereby affect the site’s popularity
  • Google also detects the links that are spams and change your site’s perception in the eye of Google

No one wants the site’s ranking to be disturbed owing to these silly mistakes that we tend to make. It is advisable that the content is unique and quality verified so that Google is consistent with providing a rank to the websites.

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The website owners don’t realize the severity of the situation as Google doesn’t like to see such behavior that impacts the overall health of a website. The way it is important for you to own a website, it is equally important to maintain it. Nothing works in favor if the maintenance is low.

For all the website owners who have been faltering at maintaining the website’s reputation can be more cautious in the near future so that no such penalty is incurred by you. Ensure that you check the authenticity of the writers you hire to post on your website. Do check if the writer’s contents are adding any value to your portal. If these questions are asked to yourself and precautions taken to maintain the quality of the website, nothing can beat you from maintaining the site ranking.

Google ranking is one of the most important rankings that every internet person or in short, a blogger or a website owner craves to have. Not playing with what hampers the ranking is the best way to stay safe from spams and getting low scores.

So, all the best for your future actions and what you do will show in the result.

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