What Happens When Someone Follows Googlebots For 3 Months?

There are always discussions around Googlebot that is what it can and cannot see, what links it visits and how exactly it influences SEO. Miami SEO Company followed googlebots closely for a few months, and they had some very interesting observations that is Googlebot  loves to crawl images, run redirects 301, and run from canonicals. It hides in the hidden content but loves unique content.

First Link Rule

The First Link Counts Rule states that, on any given page, Googlebot witnesses, only the first link to a subpage completely ignoring the second one if it exists at all. So if there is a drop-down menu, which gives, four links to main categories and 25 hidden links to subcategories, Googlebot sees all the links resulting  in all the pages being of equal importance during the mapping. This is not a proper structure as in this case the power of the home page which is the ultimate source of all the power, is being divided into 24 categories and subcategories.

In order to fast test the structure of your page and crawl it like Google does, you can always onboard a Nashville SEO company and get your work done in a smoother and hassle free manner.



Crawl Budget

In order to design a flawless SEO strategy, the Best  SEO Services in New York make googlebot  dance to their tune. They verify all the SEO processes on the level of the server logs in order to gain an understanding of every movement of the bot that is the way it reacts to the website restructuring, the way of displaying information or turning the internal linking system upside-down  within the SEO campaign.

Finding Reliable And Trusted SEO Service For Your Business

Hidden Content

The last important parameter for a good SEO strategy is to know whether hidden tabs are considered and indexed by GB.  The bot can no doubt render a page and it can  be observed in both Google Insight Speed and Google Search Console. But it is important to notice that even the text is hidden, it would still be fully indexed. The hidden phrases would be ranked no matter what.

This observation is crucial for online shops and something you need expert help for. The San Francisco SEO service providers are sure that GB sees the hidden content, indexes them, and also take the juice from the hidden links.

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