What To Do If You Are Losing Organic Traffic To Google SERP Features?

 A Guide by one of the best SEO companies in New York

Google’s increasing dominance of their own search engine results pages (SERPs) has paved for a controversy and has also created an atmosphere of panic in the SEO industry. But regardless of what you think or how you feel, Google News, Images, Videos, Flights, and Maps have absolutely no plans on stopping.

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Traffic number drops due to 4 main reasons – a drop in rankings, fewer keywords, a decrease in search volume, or SERP features and/or advertising are depressing your CTRs. As one of the best SEO Company in New York who has been dealing with San Francisco SEO services, Miami Seo Service and Philadelphia Seo Services, has a few tricks which you can use to deal with this problem.

  1. Analysis – Figure Out What Feature(s) You Are Being Hit By.

This would be primarily based on the industry you are catering to. Keeping the industry in mind, you must have some rough idea of all the features you are most vulnerable to. Make a list of that. Using this initial hunch, start to dig deeper and run sanity checks by spot-checking the SERPs for a couple of the keywords. Do this for both mobile and desktop.

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  1. Conclude – Gain Evidence Using SEO Tools And Performance Charts.

Once you have the bird’s eye view of what exactly has changed, it is time to be 100% sure with the help of SEO tools. You can study the historical data and run a comparative analysis of what exactly has impacted the drop in your traffic.

  1. Action  – It Is Time To Take Some Action On The Problem.

Once you are sure of the problem, it is time to find the solution. Here are some strategies by DC SEO Company which you can use depending upon the SERP feature you are dealing with:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages is used to improve the speed of mobile pages. Studies have shown that websites that are AMP implemented are ranking on the first page of SERPs so it sure is must.
  • Featured Snippets and PAA Boxes – Identifying some good snippets can help you stand out and help gain that traffic back which you lost to SERPs.
  • Local Packs – Local SEO is one of the biggest area of opportunity and must be taken very seriously if you want to remain relevant in the race with SERPs.

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