What You Must Know About Google Penalties?

The term ‘Google Penalty’ refers to what actually happens when a website or a web page is adversely impacted by any of the Google algorithm update. It also refers to a website being manually penalized by the webmaster guidelines on the search engine.

5 Benefits of Hiring the Best SEO Company in Israel

This is the reason the top SEO company in Paris ascertain the nature of the algorithm update and then adjust the website accordingly to avoid any kind of dip in its ranking. The best SEO agency Paris does not immediately react to the update, instead take time to find the happenings with the recent update and check to ensure that the update and change in rankings are coinciding to analyze how website fell in the trap of algorithm changes.

In case of manual penalties, the website is manually reviewed by the Google and flagged for not meeting the guidelines. Such penalties can turn out to be serious, and can be resolved using Google Search Console report. The top SEO Paris companies then address and correct the specific issue and request Google for re-indexing.

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