Why Changing URL Is An Altogether A Bad Idea?

The best SEO company Thailand promotes change of URL structure in events of company rebranding, redesigning or website migration where there are changes in the elements of the website such as domain name, platform or product types. In case there is a well thought out plan with reasons for changing the URL, then only go for it, otherwise it is in best interest to refrain from the same.

All About Organic Conversions

There are a number of reasons which are listed by the top SEO company Chiang Mai for avoiding change in URL structure:

  • A change in URL removes the direct relationship which the user is having with the website.
  • Redesign of the website leads to losing of links leading to a degradation in the SEO value of the website. This is the reason the SEO company Bangkok advocates for creating a sitemap for current as well as future scenario.

Google takes a lot of time in reprocessing the changed URLs. Such times may lead to a complete downturn in rankings as well as traffic for the website.