Why Long Tail Keyword Must Be Part Of Your Strategy?

If you own an online website, then you must surely be aware of the importance of using the most appropriate SEO tools and strategies to enhance the visibility and ranking of your site. However, the success of an SEO campaign is based largely on the type of keywords chosen for the optimization process. The choice of the relevant keywords not only helps in ensuring more effective SEO results but also improve the quality and amount of traffic flowing towards the website. That is why a best SEO service provider in Virginia will spend extensive time to select the most relevant keywords that help in enhancing the visibility and goodwill of your website.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

 Long tail keywords are essentially keywords that are not only longer but are more specific indicators of the user intentions. These keywords generally comprise of 3 or more words and help in easy ranking of the websites due to the low level of competition. Searches based on such keywords are not only more cost effective but also help in highlighting your website to the specific target audience in the most beneficial manner. In fact, it would not be wrong to state that long tail keywords provide an effective means of bridging the gap between your business and your customers.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords?

When it comes to searching for something online, most users tend not to look at websites that do not feature in the top 5 SERP results. As any good SEO company in Virginia would inform you, less than 5%of the users do not go beyond the first page of the search results. In addition, well known brands tend to attract a greater number of users thanks to their higher trust factor and goodwill. Under such circumstances, small and medium websites find it extremely difficult to make a mark in the virtual world.

Thankfully, using SEO strategies based on long tail keywords, offers such businesses with an effective way of beating the competition. Incorporating long tail keywords into an SEO campaign for your website not only helps in enhancing its diversity but also protects it from the effects of any algorithm changes that Google might implement in the future.

For example, if your organization is offering specific types of charm jewelry online, you might find it difficult to reach out to the target audiences by using only the regular keywords such as “charm jewelry”.  However, by optimizing long tail keywords that focus on the particular products sought by the customers are likely to bring a greater number of clients directly to the website in question. The examples of keywords that can be utilized in this case include “sterling silver yogi charm” or “oynx charm bracelets”, etc.

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Benefits Of Using Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords have proved to offer various benefits to both the website owners as well as the users conducting an online search. Listed below are some of the advantages you can be assured of as a webmaster, upon choosing SEO strategies based on long tail keywords.

  • It makes the ranking of your website easier due to the specific nature of the search terms, which are also relatively uncommon and focus on a particular niche.
  • They ensure better conversion rates as the users are directly led to your website offering the exact product or service they are seeking which is more likely to make them buy the same.
  • They help in enhancing the ad rankings for relevant searches without requiring you to pay more for every click and thus providing you a cost effective means of reaching your target audiences.
  • They provide better returns on investment thanks to the direct links established with prospective clients as well as the better conversion rates and enhanced quality traffic directed to your website.

Identifying And Incorporating Long Tail Keywords

Having understood the significance of making long tail keywords an integral part of your SEO strategy, it I equally important to understand how to identify and implement them. You need to be aware of the fact that long tail keywords you choose need to be relevant not only to your website but also the products and services you offer.  You can use the following tips to identify and implement the most beneficial keywords that are relevant to your specific business niche.

  • You can simply choose to take help of the Google suggest tool to get a reliable and diverse list of long tail keywords. The tool offers suggestions about the keywords based on the actual words and phrases used by people during an online search. You can also frame your own keywords based on these suggestions to drive greater traffic to your website.
  • Google keyword search tool is another effective means of identifying the best keywords that will prove most relevant for your business. The tool uses search results and competitive data to find the best niche keywords that have low competition and a high search volume.
  • You should also try out other keyword search tools available online to get more accurate and reliable results. Using only Google tools might sometimes make you miss out on other important keywords that can prove equally effective.
  • Be sure to optimize your business website by incorporating the top long tail keywords in its content. You can add these keywords in page titles, headings, meta descriptions and other such parts of the website.
  • It is also important to create new content that features the selected long tail keywords in ample numbers. Spinning new and relevant content regularly is one of the most effective ways for enhancing website rankings.

For small and medium business owners, finding the most appropriate long tail keywords and using them effectively as a part of SEO strategies is the key to ensuring success in the highly competitive online market. In order to get this task done in the most efficient manner, hiring a professional SEO services provider company in Virginia is highly recommended. This not only ensures you of the most beneficial results, but also takes away the burden of identifying, implementing and updating the SEO strategies based on latest keywords.

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