Your Guide For SEO Friendly URL Structure

The URL is the first thing that is noticed by search engines as well as customers when they land on the website. The best SEO Singapore company considers URLS as the building block which directs users to the desired direction.

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Here are some rules laid down by the best SEO agency in Singapore for getting the most of URLs:

  • Keywords

Each page has a purpose, be it informational, administrative or transactional. In order to ensure that the page is discovered by the right people, it is essential to incorporate keywords.

  • Sound Structure

The URL once chosen should serve the purpose for years. The URL should logically flow from domain to category/sub-category to product. The companies offering affordable search engine optimization Singapore services lay out the URL structure in line with the future course of the business.

  • Avoid Use Of Superfluous Words/Characters

The user should be able to understand about the page by just looking at the URL. Also keyword repetition in URL should be completely avoided to increase rankings.