Content Development

A glance into the World of Creative Web Content Development

If there is any single thing or phenomenon which is most avidly and commonly used across the world, by people in all countries, continents etc, it is undoubtedly the World Wide Web. Even an aimless, casual log on to the internet would open up a world of websites, portals and virtual avenues, which either provide some information, images, videos, music, or are selling some or the other product or service. Whatever might be the niche in which the websites may be working in, what is undoubtedly found over all of these, and what is clearly the essence of all these web portals, is the content. The content is the words which are the rudimentary building block of the World Wide Web and the huge information and connectivity network it has poised to be. Whatever one might do over the internet, he or she is utilizing the content spread over it in one way or the other. This is probably why the content is referred to be the king over the internet. So, we at “Aliveom” have also been providing a number of content writing services to our clients. Have a look:-


Ecommerce being the in-thing in the contemporary times, it is more than often that you as a web seller would be hosting a product over your web avenue or any other such portal. Whichever be the case, every product you host needs to be accompanied by a product description. As is clear from the name, it is a defining piece about what the product is, its usage and its technical specifics. While it is important to capture the most important aspects of the product in such a description, it is also crucial from a web promotion perspective to include the relevant keywords in the description. Many content design and development companies can take outsourced work and develop such product descriptions for web owners today.


Perhaps the most obvious place where one can find any content over the internet is over the website pages. A raw designed website page is nothing but a skeleton, and it requires good quality content to fill it up and make it into a presentable website. An expert content developer cannot just create such content for a website, but can also suggest the best placement of such content on the website pages. This would then have the maximum effect of enticing the customers, while making the website look visually appealing.


As more and more people take on to be blog writers today, this concept of using content as a means of effective promotion and propaganda has fast caught up. A blog is different from a website in the sense that it is hosted on a public domain and is free to host as well. This is why web marketers get an alternate avenue to talk about their product or service offering and simply leave a back link to their website on the numerous blog sites over the internet. The likes of Word press, BlogSpot and many others are thronged by thousands of internet users each day, and are avidly followed as well.


Since the front end of all website is some combination of html and any other technology, SEO experts get yet another means to optimize the website- through adding Meta content. Meta content is nothing but keywords or relevant content descriptions enclosed in html tags, made a part of the website. They are easy to use within the websites, and can be used to increase the keyword density of the content on the page.


This is yet another use of content for promotion of products and services over the internet. Thanks to the numerous article directories, forums and web avenues across the internet, web marketers can get articles written about their products and service offerings, and can host these over such networks. These articles are stuffed with relevant keywords, and often contain link s to the original website of the promoter. This way, a serious and context specific traffic can be directed towards the website, eventually creating a buzz about it and increasing the chances of a sale.


In any content management, rewrite or development project, this surely has to be the foremost step. The reason why it holds crucial importance in the process is because any content hosted on the website needs to be in line with the context, and has to be aligned with the search engine optimization strategies planned to be undertaken over it, at a later stage. Perhaps thizs is why it is often the search engine optimization service providing companies, which have a team of in-house content developers and are able to better plan and phase out any such content development.

The major area of interest under content planning has to be the keywords to be used within the content .It is crucial that a detailed research and planning into the keyword selection is put in towards the commencement of the project, and most importantly, the keywords used in the content have to be the same as the ones used for promotional activities of the web avenue, later on.


While developing an engaging and search engine optimized content is crucial, auditing it and making sure it follows the guidelines of the internet fraternity is also crucial. The first and the foremost check done as a part of any internet content auditing exercise is to make sure that it is unique, as it is only the unique content which is indexed by any search engine bot. Tools like True content and Copyscape are popularly used by the internet content creators and auditors for such checks. As a web avenue owner, one can also hire the services of third party creative content creating and auditing companies for this.

Aliveom is a web design and content development company, with an in-house team of creative content developers, mastering all aspects of content management listed above. They have years of experience and a number of satisfied clients to their credit and can hence churn out search engine optimized, appealing content for all your web needs.