Search Engine Optimization

The Essentials of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The World Wide Web is where the buzz is today! This is not just a home to content, information, pictures and videos, but also to millions of internet users, who come here not just to interact, but to enroll for new products and services. What this means for product and service sellers is an avenue with unlimited untapped potential, in terms of a large customer base. This has prompted thousands of businesses to throng the web and if you as a web owner have to carve a niche for yourself, it required a lot more than merely being there with your web avenue. What will do the trick for you is the concept running rave these days – search engine optimization.


As the very name suggests, SEO is all about making a website optimized enough so as to reach the high ranks of searches for relevant keywords on search engines. Since any niche of business today can have hundreds to thousand websites, it is important to be in the top pages of any search on search engine, to have a chance for being selected by any user.

On-Site Optimization

Following the naming convention, on-page or on-site optimization entails strategies with scope limited to the web page or avenue upon which they are executed. This basically looks at making the web avenue or at least the relevant landing pages, optimized enough to attract, effectively receive, and efficiently redirect internet traffic and prospective visitors. Keyword rich content is the first and foremost trick within this and this is why the services of a quality, seo friendly, creative content creating company is crucial. Another great SEO technique which can be done on-site is internal linking, so as to make a smooth flow of user access and control throughout the web portal. Many web owners and seo experts also employ keyword enrichment seo techniques such as tagging keywords to images and videos hosted on web pages, and meta-tagging items on the web portal.

Off- Site Optimization

Off-page or off-site optimization techniques entail the use of external platforms and avenues to improve web presence of a portal. This involves external link building, which can be achieved through link directory submissions, link exchanges, article directory submissions , postings on forums, blog postings etc. A rather contemporary but effective offsite optimization technique is promoting web businesses through social media. Online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. have opened up a new avenue of web promotions and marketing, where any link to a web business, if hosted, can enjoy a very promising conversion rate. A lot of internet marketers also make use of email marketing campaigns and banner ads, but these are just used as complementing add-ons in most of the seo strategies going underway today.

Like almost every market or niche in the world, there are certain guidelines to the SEO process as well, and all seo experts and companies operating within it, need to comply by these. This is why seo services which abide by the guiding rules and play fair in their strategies, are referred to as organic seo services. In an organic seo strategy, the techniques used are driven around effective use of keywords in the content, making use of fresh, original and plagiarism free content, and


The process of optimizing a web avenue for high reaches of the searches on search engines starts with understanding the niche of working of the website. If it is a competitive and concentrated niche, an extensive small business seo service exercise would need to be put in. For rather sparse and monopolistic niches, simple on-page seo strategies may suffice, thus a choice needs to be made before you set out. The next as to the external means of bringing traffic and the pivotal step to any seo service strategy or campaign is the selection of relevant keywords, upon which the subsequent stages of the campaign would depend. The use and popularity of the keywords over the internet would decide the cost of the Adwords or the pay per click campaign, and also suggest places where they can be pitched for. Based on such an insight, the first step would be to optimize the landing avenue page by using the relevant keywords over it, and generating an internally connected network of web pages. Once the on-site aspects have been taken care of, the attention then shifts to the external means of getting attention and traffic to the web avenue. Thus this stage of search engine optimization activities would see a lot of link building exercises, article and link directory submissions, article marketing, forum posting, mailer campaigns etc.


The benefits of implementing effective search engine optimization activities on websites are multi-fold. While they certainly do help in getting more traffic and attention to the host website from all across the internet, such activities also require and in a way encourage optimum utilization of the resources available over the web avenue. Since SEO requires it, the web avenue would need to be very well linked internally, and hence the chances of having dead, unconnected pages over the website are minimized. One of the most rudimentary requirements of search engine optimization is to have a sitemap, which in turn provides for an easy to navigate website for the viewers, and an easy to audit portal for the web owners.

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